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Bleach* Surfing the Fringe

Tease up your bushy blonde hairdo, slip on your favourite boardies and roll that stick of fluoro zinc over your nose in high style. Sandwiched between the Breaka Burleigh Pro and the Quiksilver Pro, this event is so fresh out of the pipeline it’s a bit on the hush hush – but we can tell you it’s bigger than Kelly Slater’s entourage. Between February 10th and 25th, Bleach* pops up all over the Southern GC as the region’s biggest celebration of surf culture through music, fashion, photography, craft, design, writing and film. About 80,000 visitors hit up our beachside suburbs around then, and when they’re not getting their Esky lids signed by Mick Fanning they’re sniffing out our creative achievements on dry land. That’s where Bleach* comes in – keep your eyes peeled for all the deets on the web schedule.

11 - 26 February 2013