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Allusive Collections


Hails from: Mermaid/Byron Bay

Made of: Jesse Dolman (20, artist), Will Duncan (22, artist), Jason Hazle (28, artist and founder)

Naked loves local art, and we love it even better on a t-shirt. So when all your ironic graphic tees stop producing lols from passers-by, it’s probably time to pay a visit to Allusive Collections. This trio of likeable lads spend their days hand-drawing bamboozling depictions of disembodied legs, owls, skulls, tattooed codgers and more before printing them on high quality tees for all to enjoy. We chat to the talent behind this indie art collaboration who launched their first pop-up exhibition of art and clothing earlier this year.


Naked: What are your artistic backgrounds?

Jesse: Growing up with a creative bunch of strange and inspiring people.
Will: I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009 – currently signed to 19 KAREN and working as a tattooist at Tattoo Republic, Robina.
Jason: Having friends and an auntie who are artists has inspired and pushed me to get back into my creative side.

Can you tell us about the choice to feature hand-drawn images on your t-shirts rather than digitally manipulated ones?

Jesse: I draw with ink because it can be fine and intricate. It creates more detail and enhances the strange body features and personalities of my weird characters.
Will: Who wants to mess around with computers when you can put pen, pencil or paintbrush to paper?

What kind of artist would you be looking to add to the Allusive stable?

Jesse: Hard to say, considering our artwork ranges from parrot-headed hookers to sailing ships with legs…
Will: A bong wizard?
Jason: We are always looking for new artists to get involved in our exhibitions, clothing or prints. Someone with a creative mind and the right skills who likes to draw and paint in a similar style. Underground or high profile – we would always be happy to collaborate.

Now for the cheeseball question – it’s a sunny day in Mermaid and you have the arvo off. What would we find the Allusive boys doing?

Jesse: I’d probably be in Byron for a start, maybe guzzling down a long neck and eating chips or something.
Will: Skateboarding, falling over and scraping a knee. Drinking a beer. Feeling happy. Draw a picture and then one more for fun. Hang out with some friends. Get up to some mischief. Feel tired, have a nap, wake up. Eat something yum. Go get wet?


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