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Atlantis Music

Every city needs a legendary record store that points its speakers to the curb and pumps out a staff pick to passers-by. For us, that’s Atlantis. Fun fact: the Atlantis back room contains crate upon hallowed crate of over 10,000 45s and 70,000 33s. Queensland’s largest stockpile of records is officially right here in Southport and ripe for the picking.

Whether you’re a soft-rock crooner or brooding goth, the Atlantis team will assist with all the enthusiasm of Jack Black in High Fidelity but not the eye rolling. Chain stores are failing harder than tweens at a J-Bieb concert but 13 years on, Atlantis is actually luring customers from Brissy. That’s all to do with live music sets and teeming cabinets of music miscellany from guitar-shaped graters to antique radios. Many are hand-selected on fossicking trips by owner/operator Neville, who took the reigns 18 months ago and kept this emporium from becoming another sanitised Sanity.

A: 78 Scarborough Street, Southport, Qld, 4215  
H: 9-5.30 (Mon-Fri), 9-5 (Sat), Closed Sun  
P: 07 5527 1812         W: