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Barefoot Barista

There’s a running debate over one’s appropriate beach apparel radius, ie. the distance one can travel inland from the beach before donning shirt and shoes. Let 100 metres be your rule of thumb, but if Palm Beach is home you’ve likely forgone the radius altogether. That’s why Barefoot Barista works so well here. Situated a mere thong toss from the perfect place to rid your sock tan, Dean and the team are all about balancing chill vibes with dedication to craft as they expertly prepare your Campos coffee. We’d say we love their menu, but more accurately we love being surprised by a cabinet of treats and meals baked daily by Dean’s wife Liz. Seriously, your mum’s best recipe isn’t worth a cold crumpet next to their cakes and slices. If that weren’t enough, Barefoot Barista wares are baked in an oven powered by new solar panels on the roof, a tech-savvy cherry-on-top to the beautifully-crafted timber fixtures and chalk art inside.

A: 10 Palm Beach Avenue, Palm Beach Qld, 4221  
H: 6-4 (Mon-Fri), 6-2:30 (Sat & Sun)  
P: 0488 330 458         W: