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Blackboard Specialty Coffee

Ah Varsity, there was a time when we saw you as Mermaid’s coffee-illiterate inland cousin. Then Blackboard set up shop and wowed us yokels with hessian bagfuls of forward-thinking ideas like ‘seasonal espresso’ and ‘direct trade coffee’. Among the 500 or so reasons why we’re enamoured of this place, here’s a few – they use Cup coffee batch-roasted in West End, they steam unhomogenised organic milk, they’re passionate about local produce and free range.

Blackboard’s theme is monochromatic, a perfect backdrop for a crowd that’s vivid with pre-work regulars, happily-caffeinated arty types and students on ‘study breaks’ (ha!). Owner Nick Pearce learned the trade from Victoria’s 2009 barista champion, and this means Bondies are getting a subliminal PhD in good coffee on top of their BMW convertibles. Don’t forget to chalk REEL LIFE short film events into your diary – missing a seat is worse than clapping erasers.

A: Shop 7/240 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, Qld, 4227  
H: 7-4 (Mon-Fri), 8-4 (Sat-Sun)  
P: 0439 300 530         W: