Naked City Guide


From Earth & Water

Raise a fork if your dietary preferences make you feel like the ball and chain of a dinner party. Chin up, don’t go sobbing into a napkin. Instead bring your mates to Queensland’s first raw, organic, vegan cafe for a fare that anybody with tastebuds can get behind.

Every plateful of produce at this James St establishment is free of dairy and gluten, and it’s RAW. That doesn’t mean celery sticks with a garnish of grated turnip. Raw means everything is kept below 40 degrees during preparation to preserve vital enzymes and nutrients, then expertly matched for flavour by chef Nicki. There’s generous combinations like courgette noodles in a rustic marinara, plus handmade desserts, cold-pressed coffee and smoothies at non-greed-driven prices. Call it a health-conscious elBulli minus the Platinum Express because nobody’s pushing the envelope like these guys.

A: 6/30 James Street, Burleigh Heads, Qld, 4220  
H: 11.30-3.30 (Tues-Sun), 6pm-9pm (Fri & Sat nights)  
P: 0487 826 302         W: