Naked City Guide


Erin Flannery


Hails from: Southern Gold Coast/Northern NSW

For all of you still waiting to secure an Erin Flannery original for your living room – best not to sit on your hands. After a flurry of recognition from Frankie Magazine and the art blogosphere, Erin’s mixed media works inspired by fashion and street art are pretty much snapped up before they’re dry. This prolific 28-year-old artist plucks her signature femmes out of her imagination and uses aerosol, acrylic, pencil,cotton and raw linen to create stencil-sharp details that blend effortlessly into gauzy, diaphanous forms. Naked chats to the artist honoured in the 2010 Border Art Prize (Sydney), Melbourne’s 2011 Drawn From Fashion exhibition and her 2011 solo show Erin Flannery Lives in Black and White.


Naked: A lot of your work features women in confident poses… and no boys.

Erin: Girls have lots more shape…I have nothing against you boys but I just don’t feel the need to paint you!

It seems like a lot of artists in Drawn From Fashion would agree with you there. Did you ever think about a career in women’s fashion instead?

Yes! Well, not instead of painting, but it would be a lovely addition. I’m already playing with a few ideas with printing and fabric. It’s a beautiful mix!

You blog features a lot of gorgeous images from life out and about in the Gold Coast. Where are your favourite places to roam?

Usually wherever the coffee is strongest or wherever the ocean is it’s sparkliest! I tend to stick to the southern end of the coast and Northern NSW – that’s home for me. I really love afternoon walks by the sea that end on a headland with a nice view of the ocean. It’s a nice break from staring at a canvas or laptop screen all day. I am a also pro op-shopper and market goer – I love the hunt and I’m lucky to have lots of cool hidden op-shops to play in!

We’re dying to ask where they are (but everyone’s entitled to a few secret spots!). What’s the coolest thing you’ve brought home?

A four dollar tropical toucan shirt that looks like a massive fruit salad. If only they had matching shorts…

How about cyberspace roaming? Where do you visit for inspiration?

I actually don’t follow many blogs religiously. I get bored with blogs that just source other peoples images – I love finding anyone happy to do their own thing, taking their own photos and not following the rest of the pack! (sunkentreasurestuff is a good example of this!) I also LOVE anything online to do with Scandinavian interior design. It’s such a beautiful way to be… they have it so sorted.

What’s your home like? Does Erin Flannery really live in black and white?

Yes! I pulled up all the carpet and painted the floor a high gloss white. Most walls are white with the odd jet black wall here and there. I think I might add in some wallpaper somewhere soon. My place is small (I hate big houses!), ordered and black and white with yummy hits of colour, breezy with a mix of old and new, and a resident grey cat.


View a selection of Erin’s work at Anthea Polson Art