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GC Fashion Incubator

Following the classic nest egg incubation analogy, this shop does exactly what you’d expect by providing a cosy space for up-and-coming designers to develop their business flair. That being said, we like to think of it as more like a Cadbury Crème Egg or something instantly delicious in the sartorial sense, good enough to crack open right there in the store with all those exquisite day frocks, evening gowns and cozzies to peruse.

Sponsored by the folks at BusinessGC, the concept store has recently been given a new look for the spring/summer season with colourful splashes of buttons, bobbins, reels and magazine pages over every surface. The concept shop is operated by the designers stocked in store, and you don’t have to be Lauren Bush Lauren to stop by for friendly, knowledgeable fashion advice that’s a far cry from the claws-out stereotypes of The September Issue.

A: Sanctuary Cove Marine Village, Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove, Qld, 4212  
H: 10-4 (Wed-Sun)  
P: 0410 075 065         W: