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Gypsy & The Cat Café

Aha, the old sit-on-your-suitcase-to-zip-it-up trick. Now imagine the treasures you’d smuggle home from your jolly holiday in a bottomless Mary Poppins carpet bag – the art, the cuisine, the masseuse. Believe it or not, this is roughly the concept behind this genre-bending shop by Nathalie Sommer. It’s as if she threw our favourite travel experiences in a magic bag, shook it up, clapped three times and voila, Gypsy was born. Sounds unorthodox, but there’s everything to love. In this kitty there’s bubble tea from Taiwan, Aruyvedic teas from Sri Lanka, art from Brazil, NYC-style cupcakes and gourmet baguettes, as well as coffee (essential) and fashion from indie labels like Love St and Henryetta. Earlier mention of a masseuse was not wishful thinking – Nathalie specialises in pressure point therapy, hands-on healing and more.

A: 2/2247 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach, Qld, 4218  
H: 8.30-5 (Every day)  
P: 0450 440 793         W: