Naked City Guide


Little St Kilda Café

Find the audacious red and white Kombi parked out front and you’ve found Little St Kilda. Immediately you’ll gravitate toward the brain candy deposited throughout in the form of records, cassettes, posters and sundry, but hold fast and head toward the 100-year-old cash register lest you forget to order your coffee. The lass with the big grin is Katie, and it’s not often we can say the owner’s bubbly personality is a venue’s biggest asset. Stop for a chat then head to the outside alcove where it’s astroturf underfoot and vintage beach umbrellas overhead, kind of like being in the backyard set of a surreal 60s sitcom if you swap the phony extras for relaxed regulars and delighted visitors. You’ll find them trucking in from near and far to sample affordable edibles, vintage clothing events and Italian food nights with cocktails served in jam jars (yep, it’s licensed).

A: 7th Ave, Palm Beach, Qld, 4221  
H: 6am onwards (Every day)  
P: 07 5559 5250         W: