Naked City Guide


Madam Tojo Coffee Palace

We all have ‘em, those arty friends who can transform any dreary space into an Aladdin’s cave smattered with treasured found items. That’s Madam Tojo, where a little ratbaggery goes a long way. It’s a fusion of French bohemian, Dada, old Hollywood, Alice down the rabbit hole and above all, a raging sense of humour. When you find out Madam Tojo’s alter ego is sculptor and artist Antoinette Edmunds, it suddenly makes sense that every surface is covered in enough script and scribble to make the Dulux dog turn in his kennel. Friday night tapas at this cafe/bar/wine haunt is decidedly a book-ahead event, but drop by any old time for a chat beneath the giant bronze eagle and a teetering stack of vintage cigar boxes. If there’s one thing more decadent than Madam Tojo, it’s Madam Tojo’s chocolate pudding in one of her plush armchairs beneath the antique chandelier with an Oscar Wilde volume on your lap (BYO top hat/velvet slippers).

A: 23 Musgrave Ave, Southport, Qld, 4215  
H: 8-5 (Tues-Sun), Tapas Fri nights  
P: 07 5532 2874         W: