Naked City Guide


Retro Sheila

Ah YouTube, how we love you for exposing us to obscure archives of beehived ladies and bouffanted variety show gents. And now that we feel like raiding a studio wardrobe department, thankfully Retro Sheila is waiting with racks of pristine, technicolour vintage and the finest jewellery and trimmings to seal the look. A walking encyclopedia of fashion, Greg Pead specialises in the 1940s through 1970s and treks to London (aka his second home) to dig up period pieces for sheilas and dapper blokes alike. It’s a petite store, but Greg won’t stock anything he doesn’t like so the selection is big on quality and personality. For your fancy event, bypass dowdy formal shops and peruse his exquisite handle-with-care gowns. Everyday mix-and-match garments, ceramics, glassware and furniture are here as well, and the option of hiring is an added perk.

A: 17 McLean St, Coolangatta, Qld, 4225  
H: 11-5 (Every day)  
P: 0488 075 879