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Soapbox Theatre Productions

‘All the world’s a stage’ said the Bard, but does that mean he’d endorse Jersey Shore? Absolutely not, so leave the Tivo and keep tabs on this roving theatre ensemble instead. You’ve already spotted Soapbox at The Arts Centre, Griffith Uni Drama Theatre, Swingin’ Safari, The Zoo Nightclub, The Powerhouse and your local high school. Basically if there’s an unoccupied public space near you, these guys are about to laugh, weep and soliloquise all over it.

If it weren’t enough being talented and easy on the eye, these young stage lovers haven’t set a foot wrong thus far. Standouts include Louis Nowra’s Cosi, set in a 1970s mental institution, The Taming of the Shrew set in a nightclub, and their original script O Woe Is Me! An LA theatre company was so chuffed with the latter that they snagged it for their own ensemble. All the world’s a stage, and Gold Coast theatre would be beige without these rollicking, original theatre folk muttering ‘red leather, yellow leather’ before blowing our minds out with spirited, contemporary performances.

A: Drama Theatre, Griffith University Gold Coast  
H: Check website for upcoming events, shows and workshops  
P: 0401 841 251         W: