Naked City Guide



1.  Beat your body into shape at a girls-only Booty Camp
2.  Ace your opponent in a game of tennis at Miami Tennis Club
3.  Lose yourself then orienteer home by learning to use a compass
4.  Bolt like Usein in athletics (as well as discus, shot put, hurdles, high jump)
5.  Make history by taking an Aussie European handball team to the Olympics
6.  Graduate to king of the court in a game of 4-Square
7.  Bend it like Beckham and join a soccer team with Gold Coast Soccer
8.  Succumb to AFL fever with Gold Coast Football Club
9.  Challenge an Italian to a game of bocce at the Italo-Australian Club
10.  Heist the ball in a game of foosball (Table Soccer)
11.  Convert your backyard into a croquet lawn
12.  Construct an elaborate line of dominoes and watch them topple
13.  Write your own underdog story with competitive dodgeball
14.  Dig, spike and dive into a game of Beach Volleyball (Bond, Griffith, Surfers, Broadbeach)
15.  Hit the targets in the fewest number of throws in a round of disc golf
16.  Welcome the fast pace and competition of Ultimate Disc with GC Ultimate
17.  Rub shoulders with the dapper gents at the Gold Coast Polo & Country Club
18.  Impress your damsel after a lesson in fencing with Gold Coast Fencing Club
19.  Join a touch footy team with the Gold Coast Touch Association
20.  Sell tickets to the ‘gun show’ in an arm wrestling competition
21.  Row and grow those muscles with Surfers Paradise Rowing Club
22.  Sample any indoor sport imaginable at OzSports
23.  Squeeze into a leotard for some gymnastics with GC Gymnastics
24.  Relive your childhood with a sack race or egg and spoon race
25.  Hit a home run out of the park with the Gold Coast Baseball Association
26.  Pre-empt your opponent in a game of paper, scissors, rock
27.  Hone your hand-eye coordination skills in a game of Tee Ball
28.  Join a Social Softball Saturdays team with Gold Coast Softball
29.  If you get really bored, you can always have a game of horse shoes
30.  Roundhouse kick like Chuck Norris at Gold Coast Martial Arts Centre
31.  Make a classic catch into the ocean during a game of beach cricket
32.  See how long you can hack it with a hacky sack
33.  Partake in the 2000 year-old Chinese tradition of dragon boating with the Burleigh Fire Dragons
34.  Pick a partner and have a game of three-legged soccer
35.  Bypass the sunscreen with a game of night golf at Emerald Lakes Golf
36.  Pad up and play footy like a Yank in a game of gridiron
37.  Mix tennis, beach volleyball and badminton and you get: beach tennis!
38.  Improve your swing at Burleigh West Golf Driving Range
39.  Put out the nets and have a game of street hockey. Game on!
40.  Sweat it up in a game of Squash with Gold Coast Squash
41.  Replace a baseball with a big rubber ball and kick it instead (kickball)
42.  Score a century in summer’s favourite game with Cricket Gold Coast
43.  Shoot a bulls eye with Hinterland Archery
44.  Shoot some hoops with Gold Coast City Regional Basketball
45.  Stuff your face in an eating contest
46.  Train like an Olympian at the elite Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre
47.  Tread water like an egg-beater with Gold Coast Water Polo
48.  Utilise your speed, strategy and teamwork in a game of netball with the SCNA
49.  Whack the shuttlecock with your racquet in a game of badminton
50.  Smack it like the pros in a fast-paced game of table tennis
51.  Remedy your boredom with the humble tennis ball
52.  Learn to juggle and perform magic at the Super Performance Centre
53.  Experience the grace and fury of kickboxing with Fitness Enhancement
54.  Finish the Federation Walk from Seaworld to the Seaway
55.  Get whipped into shape at a Fitness First boot camp
56.  Salute the sun on a brisk morning walk along the beach
57.  Cruise on a longboard down Hedges Ave
58.  Sweat it out in 40 degree heat with Bikram Yoga Gold Coast
59.  Work those buns and thighs in a spin class at Peak Pilates
60.  Scale an indoor rock face at Paramount Adventures
61.  Kick and punch your way to awesomeness with a free Tae Bo® class
62.  Push yourself to new limits with an Urban Survivor boot camp
63.  Glow after a lounge room sesh with a workout DVD
64.  Plod along the Burleigh, Miami, Broadbeach & Broadwater beach paths
65.  Suit up in spandex for an aerobics class or pump some iron at the gym
66.  Rediscover the low-impact, high-speed thrills of a good old rollerblade
67.  Walk around Burleigh Hill National Park to Tallebudgera
68.  Scoot and toot your way around the city on a moped or scooter
69.  Go sandboarding at South Straddie down the steepest dune you can find