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Woe & Flutter


Hails from: Southport via Glen Innes, via Townsville, via Deepbank

Made of: Dusty Anastassiou (20, guitar/vocals), Aiden McMillan (23, bass/clave), David McMillan (26, drums), Adam Schneider (21, guitar/vocals)

Woe? Nothing doing. Since debuting last October at The Loft amid dancing boys and girls, this indie/rock four-piece has been welcomed to Ivy League Records and Bigsound Conference 2011, with Rage and Triple J rotations via a host of positive Unearthed reviews. This summer we’ll be cranking their debut, self-titled EP as the perfect accompaniment to rainbow Paddle Pops and heat wave induced hallucinations. Frontman Dusty Anastassiou fields a couple of questions from Naked.


Naked: We’ve tried to describe your style/influences – not much luck.

Dusty: At the best of times we are a mixture of Peter Green with smatterings of angel dust covering his pudgy face, and a slightly more hip hop Manfred Mann.

Tell us the story of how ya’ll met.

Well, it’s a long story. Some would say that the universe threw us together as part of a master-plan to brainwash the minds of youth worldwide and sell sanitary-approved ripped jeans. Others would say this: Adam and Dusty were just a couple of pups, beginning at university at the same time as David. Well, David was busy at the time, so Adam and Dusty got busy becoming wolf brothers and honing their shared humor/taste in television. Sooner or later David got less busy and the two other rascals ensnared the hapless young drummer into joining their band. ‘Then Aiden jumped in on the bass and that was the story of Woe & Flutter.’

Other than maybe Wavves or Jack Johnson, it’s a widely accepted fact that musician-types are allergic to the beach. But it’s the Gold Coast after all, so can you describe your recent skirmishes?

Well, we all try to get a good dip when we can, but the last time we all went to the beach as a band our black skinny jeans got all sandy and that was the end of that. No thanks! Next Question! I hear the same thing happened to Wavves except he recorded a song on GarageBand about it.

Which YouTube sensation would Woe & Flutter collaborate with?
Charlie you bit my finger Charlie. Or Sitting on Tha Toilet.


Watch the video for Woe & Flutter’s debut single ‘Cities of the Red Night’

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