Naked City Guide


1.  Attempt a world record
2.  Repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning
3.  Bake something delicious and devastating to your diet
4.  Relax with a therapeutic massage
5.  Become a secret admirer
6.  Feed the ducks at Rosser Park in Benowa
7.  Love your library card
8.  Invent a hybrid dance form (ballet breakdancing, tap tango)
9.  Reconstruct your suburb with a Lego set
10.  Wrap a friend in a toga and immortalise them on a canvas
11.  Inflate a kiddy pool and throw a party (floaties optional)
12.  Figure out how to defy gravity
13.  Spear tackle a friend you haven’t seen in a long time
14.  Challenge your friends to a massive tug of war
15.  Ride down a steep hill on a block of ice
16.  Brave the ants and climb a pandanus tree on Burleigh Headland
17.  Print a photo of yourself on a puzzle and give it to your mum
18.  Order a dish you don’t recognise from the Asian food alley in Surfers
19.  Dig through your ancestry and discover your family tree
20.  Do as the Spaniards do and have a food-fight
21.  Chop some wood and give chuck a run for his money
22.  Get out your trowel and have a ‘find the longest worm’ contest
23.  Pull some weeds for an elderly neighbour or single mum
24.  Sweat it out in a sauna
25.  Do something nice without being asked
26.  Teach an old dog new tricks
27.  Eat a huge piece of watermelon then have a pip-spitting contest
28.  Encourage someone
29.  Gatecrash a game of soccer or football (watch for a bit, then join in)
30.  Loiter in a pet store and cheer up the puppies and kittens
31.  Find a quiet place in the sun and read a Gothic novel
32.  Lie in a park near the airport and study the underbellies of planes
32.  Re-live the good ol’ days and camp out in your backyard
33.  Scan the beaches with some garbage bags and pick up scattered trash
34.  Enrol in that TAFE night course you’ve always wanted to take
35.  Fossick for treasure at Dillon’s Junk
36.  Locate some trees, tie up a hammock and swing like a sleeping sailor
37.  Repeat everything said on TV in an Italian accent
38.  Fly a kite at the Spit on a windy day
39.  Learn to play the ocarina, the recorder or jazz flute
40.  Fart in an elevator then blame it on someone else
41.  Have a staring competition with a distant galaxy on a clear night
42.  Learn how to ride a unicycle
43.  Make a slippery slide with a long tarp and some detergent
44.  Take a street-side survey (how many people smile at you, etc)
45.  Project a movie onto the side of your house at night
46.  Get permission to paint a neighbourhood mural
47.  Spell out a word using people and take a photo
48.  Read some comic books
49.  Bring a guitar, blankets and some friends to The Spit
50.  Cut up a mango and eat it with juice dripping down your elbow
51.  Tell spooky stories around a fireplace or bonfire
52.  Walk barefoot in the rain while jumping in the puddles
53.  Feed a homeless person
54.  Go lantana jumping
55.  Tell someone your life story, sparing no details
56.  Write a letter to the editor about delinquent seniors
57.  Try to not think about penguins
58.  Take a factory tour
59.  See how long you can stay on the Broadbeach monorail D1
60.  Bury chocolate coins in the pirate playground at Currumbin
61.  Get around without your car for a day (walk, ride or catch the bus)
62.  Google your name
63.  Build a driftwood sculpture on the hill side of Tallebudgera Creek
64.  Visit a prize home, buy a ticket and pretend it’s already yours
65.  Organise a progressive dinner
66.  Test drive a really expensive car
67.  Host a rooftop picnic
68.  Snorkel for eels at Currumbin Rock Pools
69.  Go out for breakfast in your pyjamas
70.  Start a water balloon war on a scorching summer day
71.  Rent a high-rise hotel room and squash all your friends in
72.  See how long you can hold your breath
73.  Instigate a Super Soaker fight
74.  Assemble your friends for a shopping trolley derby
75.  Live without something you love for a week
76.  Play ‘fly on the wall’ by duct taping people to a wall
77.  Pull into a parking lot and give blood spontaneously
78.  Hide treasure and leave a map for your friends to find it
79.  Don a sailor suit, hire a boat and go cruising
80.  Hold a ‘Free Hugs’ sign on a busy street corner and see what happens
81.  Bury someone in the sand up to their neck
82.  See how many people you can stuff into a phone booth
83.  Play cards

84.  Hug a policeman
85.  Invent a weird twitch
86.  Throw a ‘make your own pizza’ party
87.  Step off a curb with your eyes shut and imagine it’s a cliff
88.  Wing it at a book club without reading the books
89.  Join the drum circle in the park on Sunday night at Burleigh Heads
90.  Relocate your couch to the beach or park
91.  Play some board games
92.  Race to the top of a building using only the stairs
93.  Prove your manhood by jumping off the high board at the GCAC
94.  Build a sand sofa and enjoy a movie at the Beach Cinema
95.  Learn how to save a life by getting your first aid certificate
96.  Reinstate the pogo stick in everday life
97.  Speak without talking – learn sign language!
98.  Watch the hang gliders off Mt Tamborine
99.  Hurdle the obstacles of the concrete jungle with the art of parkour
100.  Invent a card trick
101.  Learn to speak another tongue:
Francais: Alliance Francaise, 0402 466 759,
Deutsch: German on the Coast, 5573 5828,
Japanese: AOYAMA School Of Japanese, 5597 5300,
Português: Brasil Me, 5576 7249,
Italiano: Claudia Perini, 5575 2053
Español: Rafael Soler, 5527 9953
102.  Dust off the dictionary and memorise some long words
103.  Light 20 sparklers at once
104.  Record a documentary with your friends
105.  Set up clues around the Gold Coast and have an Amazing Race
106.  Go people-watching
107.  Scan the beach for treasure with a metal detector
108.  Join a Toastmasters club and learn the ancient art of oratory
109.  Write a bucket list (things you want to do before you die)
110.  Build a model aircraft or car
111.  Construct a papier-mâché piñata and fill it with lollies
112.  Make a rope swing
113.  Perform a gut-wrenching monologue in a public place
114.  Stay on the bus until you get kicked off
115.  Get a henna tattoo
116.  Sleep under the stars
117.  Fold 1001 origami cranes
118.  Forget email, send some snail mail
119.  Play Uno
120.  Organise a flashmob
121.  Start a blog
122.  Mow your neighbour’s lawn (do your own while you’re at it)
123.  Host a street party and invite all your neighbours
124.  Babysit for free so a busy couple can have a night out together
125.  Picnic at Mowbray Park as the lorikeets screech in the trees at dusk
126.  Wake someone with a pillow by yelling ‘Look out for the truck’
127.  Invent your own Just For Laughs pranks and film them
128.  Run away
129.  Sponsor a World Vision child
130.  Plant a tree and save the planet
131.  Make up your own Jackass stunts
132.  Rent a paddle boat at Tallebudgera Creek inlet
133.  Practice random acts of kindness
134.  Design and print your own t-shirts
135.  Protest about something that matters
136.  Rearrange your room/house
137.  Sink into a steamy hot bubble bath
138.  Make smores over a bonfire at Fingal Beach
139.  Play a video game all the way to the end
140.  Run up an escalator the wrong way
141.  Hold a debate about politics and religion with your friends
142.  Watch all the Oscar-winners for Best Film
143.  Sneak into a lecture at Griffith or Bond
144.  Haggle over some vintage furniture in an antique store
145.  Snoop around in IKEA
146.  Re-enact an old family photo in its exact location
147.  Start a shoulder massage train
148.  Plant an organic food garden
149.  Stuff as many people as you can into a photo booth for some shots
150.  Spend a day at a nursing home and bring some cheer to the old folks
151.  Take the $1 gift challenge with a friend
152.  Watch an entire season of your favourite show from start to finish
153.  Test your IQ
154.  Ride the Aquaduck with a rubber chicken
155.  Break the pancake eating record at Pancakes in Paradise
156.  Try to get on the radio
157.  Turn on the TV, put it on mute and make up dialogue
158.  Volunteer for a charity or community organisation
159.  Upstage the Hare Krishnas by starting your own walking street band
160.  Was it the butler? Host your own murder mystery dinner party
161.  Watch people being reunited at the airport arrival gate